At Envirosax, our mission is to increase global awareness of reusability in a fashionable way, however, some designs are exclusive to specific areas.
In North America, Envirosax presents the new Sesame Street Series in partnership with the Sesame Workshop, as well as our successful Animal Planet and Planet Green partnerships with Discovery Channel and the groundbreaking Pepsi Certified RPET Series.
Bag Dimensions (unrolled): 50 cm. x 42 cm.
Bag Dimensions (in pouch): 10 cm. x 4.3 cm.
Weight Capacity: 19.95 kg.
Bag Weight: 39.2 g.
Fabric: Polyester
Sesame Street
Envirosax has partnered with Sesame Street once again to bring you more friends from the ever-popular Sesame Street Series.
Animal Planet
Playful, instinctive and clever, animals in our own backyard are our link to the greater animal kingdom. They remind us of our responsibility to the environment and to preserve its beauty for all inhabitants. Produced under license with Animal Planet™, these captivating designs are a fun expression of your animal appreciation.
Animal Planet Kids

The animal kingdom is a fun, exciting place for kids to explore. The fascination of animals in our own backyard and in nature is a source of wonderment and joy for developing minds. Our link to this playful, wild world is an important lesson for future generations; understanding that our everyday actions have the potential to impact these incredible creatures and their habitat is crucial.

Produced under license with Animal Planet™, these cute and colourful designs bring amazing animals into kids’ everyday lives.

Pepsi Heritage
Pepsi, together with Envirosax, have developed a line of vintage inspired bags, made of RPET, that encourage each generation to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Planet Green
What's big, blue and green, and our responsibility? The Planet of course; and these new bags Planet Green will be a groovy addition to your green lifestyle. Produced under license with Planet Green™, these five new designs feature contemporary geometrics in fresh hues of green, aqua and white.